Blockchain as distributed EHR metadata / notary

(Adrian Wilkins) #1

A nice paper about blockchain being used to store EHR metadata which is much more to my taste than the notion of putting whole health records out there.

The idea of using it as a kind of federation/subscription service to encourage distributed backups of health records is also interesting - as long as you have suitable access controls (which should mean strong crypto with a much more strictly controlled key distribution system).

(John George) #2

Hi Adrian, how are you? I am interested in the application of Blockchain to the NHS. I can see the immutability side bringing benefits, but I believe Blockchain was designed for distributed systems (pier to pier network). Now I could be completely wrong about this as my knowledge of Blockchain is limited to the few articles that I have read, but does it mean that as the NHS is a more centralised systems (e.g. Spine etc…) that implementing Blockchain technologies would be more difficult in the NHS, than for example in it’s use in financial transactions? If you could point me to any really good articles on Blockchain I would appreciate. I’m trying to stay ahead of the curve, as in my day job I am so focused on HL7 FHIR messages, that I may not be ready for what might be coming round the corner, if you see what I mean. BTW, it was Rik Smithies from HL7 UK, that recommended to get in touch, he said you had posted some interesting topics on Blockchain forum. All the best @johntq2