Building a FHIR (Care Connect) Server


@Kevin, yes hypothetically my initial thought was pure restful/resource based. any other options please share your thoughts here ?

I remember we discussed in the separate thread about message bundle similar to ADT/HL7 2.x feed.


(Kev Mayfield) #22

I was just thinking restul/resource based, it is green field rather than messaging brown field. Would allow new ways of doing things.

(dunmail) #23

Does allow new ways of doing things :wink:


regarding the error handling, when a post / put method is failed due to internal reason, store it locally and try later ? is this approach recommended in fhir?

(Rik Smithies) #25

Hi, FHIR doesn’t attempt to give guidance here because this is a very general implementation issue, that no more applies to FHIR than any other REST interface, or indeed anywhere that a resource may be temporarily unavailable. Guidance would be so general as to be a bit pointless.

(dunmail) #26

As Rik notes - FHIR doesn’t provide any guidance as this will be implementation specific.

If using a Subscription the sender could set $.status: error and populate $.error within their local Subscription resource. This could be used by the sender to trigger a fault resolution and resend process.

Architecturally, queues and retry policy can be used to provide resilience. Need to be careful that the endpoint can handle messages arriving in a different order to which they were sent!