Digital Health REWIRED - 2-day hack event (being held alongside the Digital Health REWIRED event)

(Marcus Baw) #1

Digital Health Rewired HACK DAYS


Hi OHHers - I’m running a 2-day hack next year, alongside the Digital Health Rewired event. If it’s anything like the Digital Health Summer School hackathon we ran earlier in 2018 it’ll be a great 2 days of collaboration, learning, and building tech.

Part of the event will be a ‘traditional’ hackathon event, starting with idea pitches and then hacking on ideas, building ‘proof of concept’ prototypes, and experimenting with new technologies and concepts.

Around this I will have a number of demonstration slots going on, something like a workshop or tutorial on particular healthcare technologies - with small groups (4-6) and hands-on learning (ie writing code on your laptop, not powerpoint and theory) - I’ve decided to call them ‘Hackshops’ - where you can learn a new skill such as integrating with a FHIR server, or building an NHS user interface…

Here’s a list of some of the hackshop contributions we’re expecting at the 2019 hackathon.

  • NHS.UK’s Frontend team - demoing their new front end framework for making accessible, well-tested NHS websites

  • the openEHR Foundation - with a simple tutorial on how to interact with an openEHR repository like EtherCIS, through its REST API

  • NHS Digital’s GP Connect team - demoing their API for obtaining patient GP records from consumer systems

  • The Ripple Foundation - with their JavaScript-based Ripple showcase stack for building interoperable and standards-based EHRs and PHRs, already in use for the Helm PHR.

  • The NHS Spine team - with an open-access Spine test environment for learning to integrate with the basic NHS Spine services

We’re hoping to add more demos and hackshops here, and if you would like to run a hackshop then please PM me @pacharanero and we can arrange it.

[ We can’t guarantee you would be able to get around all the available hackshops - there might be limits on how many people can attend any given hackshop. It’ll be first come first served on the day, and a ‘teach-each-other’ ethos. Share the knowledge! :slight_smile: ]

Date: March 25th-26th 2019

Venues: Novotel London West (moving across to the main venue at Olympia for the hackday presentations)


Feel free to ask questions and discuss below.

(Kev Mayfield) #2

Any plans for outside London? London has a cost attached to it (it’s cheaper to get to Amsterdam than London :slight_smile: ).

I’ll see what I can do though.


Wished we could be there… Please do let us know how the event goes.

(Marcus Baw) #4

Yes, there will also be another Summer School Hack Day at the Digital Health Summer School, which this year is being held in Leeds.

(Adrian Wilkins) #5


Ugh, don’t I know it. Managed to throw my return ticket in the bin at Green Park yesterday with my breakfast bag… that’s £164 I won’t see again :’-(