EHRServer online workshop

(Pablo Pazos Gutiérrez) #1

This might be of interest, the new EHRServer online Workshop: the first open source clinical data repository compliant with the openEHR standard.

Presentation and info: YouTube

(Grant Forrest) #2

Can you give us a *rough idea of cost for the workshop Pablo ?

(Pablo Pazos Gutiérrez) #3

Hi Grant, the info is on the video, but you can also find everything on this post CaboLabs Blog - EHRServer Implementation and Management Workshop

(Marcus Baw) #4

Hi @ppazos and thanks for posting. Really interested to hear about EHRServer - I was aware of it’s existence but I didn’t appreciate it was open source.

When you say it’s the ‘first’ implementation in open source, I thought that accolade had gone to EtherCIS. You would possibly in the best position to correct me on this though.