Finding local developers - Hampshire


Hi, I’m a GP with a background in engineering. I am very keen on developing some primary care apps but know I don’t have time to learn it all or develop it all myself. I’m wondering if there is anyone local who is working on an app that could do with a medical perspective and input, in turn I learn more about development?? Can I post this?

(Dave Kilroy) #2

Hi Emma, I’ve just sent you a direct message…

Kind regards


(ian) #3

Hi Emma,

You might want to have a chat with Ade Byrne - CCIO at Southampton. I’d be happy to make the intro. They are doing some interesting stuff around PHR which you might find interesting.

Ade did a really nice presentation at our recent openEHR day in Plymouth - see

We are always looking for clinicians in getting involved in helping build the open data models to underpin an open platform approach to app development. so if you find any of this of interest please get in touch.



Thanks Ian - the open platform model is definately something I am interested in. I would be grateful for the introduction. Thank you. Can I private message you somehow?

(Kev Mayfield) #5

As a developer I really liked these posts @pacharanero did on Child Health It helped me understand what is wanted, how it used, what issues are, etc.

Similarly @ian work on openEHR archetypes is really useful, it helps me understand what data is wanted, which codes I should use.

Hopefully I’ve just backed up Ian’s comments with a developer perspective…

(Dave Kilroy) #6


This might be too much of a focus on openEHR for you right now but we have an openEHR Clinical Modelling workshop on the 6th and 7th of June here in Plymouth starring Ian and Hilidi - please visit for details and to register.



That looks like a fantastic workshop. Unfortunately I have meetings and clinics which I can’t change. I can’t see any other similar events. - do you know if I can access slides/videos of the days, or future dates? I would have definately attended otherwise.




Thank you Kev, that was an interesting read. I hadn’t really thought about how difficult these would be to implement and all the issues. However they are very limited to view on System One, I often wish they had more functionality.

(Paul Targett) #9

Emma, hi, it’s hard. The openEHR crew will talk to you about developing on a standard data model. An often different group of people will talk to you about using openAPIs like FHIR. The issue is what can a GP who wants to do stuff develop and work with systems. If you want to work with EMIS Web then they have an APP eco system that I think you can develop in. There’s a set of documentation for interfaces available on . However not may are readily available for people to just develop with. In the hopefully near future the GP Connect crew may have some tools that will help from NHS Digital. If you are on TPP its difficult to do any thing that works interactively. We are based in Bath, UK, and develop services that integrate with EMIS and TPP. Happy to talk further to get you into the development space. Paul.

(Kev Mayfield) #10

FHIR is more about standardising common API’s rather than having a system E way of searching for a patient by NHS number, sys T way, etc. Why not make developers/implementors life easier and stop doing the same thing in many different ways? We should be securely/safely exchanging clinical information rather than spending time learning an API for every system we work with.

FHIR can be extended into a common ecosystem with the addition of OAuth2 (SMART-on-FHIR). So an app developer can work with a common ecosystem:

You would still need suppliers to implement these API’s and standards and they have been doing so in the USofA. See these (some are ecosystems):

I’m not sure of the list of suppliers doing this in the UK (and if it’s commercially sensitive) but they exist.