Kettering XML syntax

(Mark Edwards) #1

Hi, thanks to prev help I’ve found the INPS Kettering document, but does anyone know any links to the complete Kettering XML syntax?

Any help appreciated!


I also need some light on this topic. Help is appreciated.


(Mark Edwards) #3

Hi Shane, thanks to Kevin Mayfield’s hard work, who asked around and sent me the following docs for KET.


Best wishes

EDT Message specification.pdf (1.5 MB)
EDT_Message_Specification - Kettering XML.pdf (472.4 KB)
ReportMsg_EDT_03.dtd (36.6 KB)
Kettering Format Messages in Vision.pdf (684.3 KB)

(Kev Mayfield) #4

FYI This hasn’t gone live yet but messaging to GP’s (GP Connect Messaging) has this:

It’s not true FHIR messaging (using Task instead of MessageHeader) but is an equivalent of MDM^T02 (Original Document Notification and Content).

Also worth considering when building a document messaging interface is the FHIR specification for NRLS (and roughly equivalent to MDM^T01 Document Notification). Obviously a Document feed can also reused as a feed to NRLS and you may wish to do this in the near future

p.s. the profile for the document metadata (FHIR DocumentReference) looks pretty useable as a generic format for metadata in the UK