Mapping GP Medications to a FHIR resource profile

(Nano) #1

Hi All,

We are a system that currently stores GP data from different GP source systems. We want to be able map this data to a FHIR Medications resource profile.
We are unsure which profile we should be using. Could you please advice.
We believe it is MedicationStatement but we are not sure


(Kev Mayfield) #2

This is a link to a similar discussion Medicationadministration - the administrated drugs vs full list

(Nano) #3

Hi Kev,

Thanks for that link. Just to confirm what its indicating:

As our system is downstream of the GP systems and acting as a kind-of “warehouse”, we should use the Medication Statement profile over the Dispense/Order/Request?

(ian) #4

That would be what was intended by the Care Connect profiling work. You should only use MedicatoinRequest if you are building an actual prescribing system.

(Kev Mayfield) #5

What do you mean by kind of warehouse?
If it’s a near real time/Caché then I may steer towards MedxoationRequest especially on a rest interface or messaging.
As the underlying system (Gp), probably Via mig, is a prescribing system.

(Nano) #6

Thank you for the responses, it seems MedicationStatement is the most suitable for GP data we currently hold.

Having looked at the MedicationStatement profile, I have come across some issues while trying to do the mapping, there is no obvious field to store a patient’s prescription quantity and units for example “100 tablets”. Under the Dosage field, there is maxDosePerPeriod, maxDosePerAdministration and maxDosePerLifetime. These fields do not seem suitable to store the total quantity/units prescribed for a patient, they are too specific whereas I’m looking to a generic field to be able to store a patient’s prescription quantity/units. Where could the quantity and units be placed and perhaps clarification of what the above fields mean, would be appreciated.

(Rik Smithies) #7

hi as well as those you mention there is the DoseAndRate part. Bear in mind that saying “100 tablets” isn’t really a dose, because you are not saying what amount in each tablet.