NHoS Closedown - the final straw

(Zeeshan Hasan) #21

I’ve never made a recording from my desktop, but apparently gtk-recordmydesktop can do this. I’m willing to help out.
However, does it make sense to make yet another set of videos that will produce yet another legal notice?
In my view, the rational way to proceed is to first rebrand in a way that NHS legal dept cannot possibly object. The letters NHS and the trademarked blue colour should be eliminated first.

(Rob Dyke) #22

I’ll write up a HOWTO on making the NHoS videos and post them to this
forum. Briefly, I used either recordmydesktop-gtk or the record video
output function of VirtualBox to capture the screens. To edit the videos
and to add the title slide I used kdenlive.


(Rob Dyke) #23

On the subject of colour, take a look at the NHS England Brand materials

The NHS blues are clearly specified in detail, with CKMY, Pantone and RGB
values. The blues we use are not the NHS blues. The NHoS blues are closer
to that of IBM or Facebook…

The primary font of the NHS brand is Frutiger with Aerial as secondary.
NHoS also uses a sans-serif font (as do pretty much all tech identities)
called Ubuntu.

Neither colour or font are sufficient to be used as a basis for successful
legal action.

Potential grounds for legal action would be that the use of a mark that
could be argued is similar to the NHS mark include obtaining financial
benefit by a perceived association and misleading consumers by an apparent

As to obtaining financial benefit, it is no secret that we have received a
grant from Apperta, the NHS Digital funded organisation which supports open
source in the NHS, and have been paid by NHS Digital for hack week
activities. As NHoS is released under an open source - free as in beer and
speech - licence, I can’t see a financial benefits argument being

As to misleading the market, well, I’d argue that the people who work in
NHS tech are sophisticated and technology literate and are unlikely to
misdirected by the NHoS identity. And while the NHS trademarks are
registered in the classes which include computer operating systems, to my
knowledge the NHS does not produce a computer operating system.

I’ll be asking Govt Legal to detail the specific actions they would like us
to take as the request for us to take ‘any such action’ has all the clarity
of bucket of mud and the hallmarks of an overreaching patent troll.


(Matthew Vi) #24

I love the name HealthOS. The world needs this!

Of course, I’m booked with my own projects, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find volunteers to go through the pain of the rebranding.

My community is in need of redoing/cleaning up our wiki documentation (an extremely painful and unsexy task - especially since most videos/images are using the old version of the software and have to be completely redone). We are thinking about having a weekend “doc-a-thon” event (kind of like a hackathon) to spin it positively, inviting community members and strangers to join together in a virtual room/google hangout in breakout teams.

Obviously, this concept is untested as we have yet to schedule/promote the event, but I wonder if you can employ a similar approach!


(Joseph) #25


(Zeeshan Hasan) #26

ukhealthos.org domain is available.

(gary.kennington) #27

There goes that idea then!

(Matthew Vi) #28

Okay, let’s come up with a better name then :).




‘Linux Health’

as you’ll always be using the kernel

with a Mint Green livery (better than blue anyway)

Some interesting new beginnings? (OpenEMR Project)
(Matthew Vi) #30

@vin Great idea!

If possible, one of the project leaders of NHoS should ask the Linux Foundation about “Linux Health” and if they’ll sponsor it. :slight_smile:

Some interesting new beginnings? (OpenEMR Project)

Could be a winner. As far as I can tell there isn’t an ubuntu flavour tailored for healthcare, specifically, so the NHoS guys were definitely on the right track. Shame that copyright issues thwarted it. Would be great for clinicians around the world (including UK) to have their own free open source OS to run programs on like your OpenEMR. I know that freeMedForms comes bundled with Zorin 12 ultimate, so that’s a good start at collaboration.

btw Linux Health could have any colour livery, not just green (don’t want to tread on Linux Mint’s toes!) as long as it’s not the disallowed nhs blue, of course.

(Matthew Vi) #32

r.e.: “Linux Health” and a functional Ubuntu-based healthcare distro:

My humble open source team put together https://github.com/GoTeamEpsilon/PersonaScripts (still pretty beta) to help bring a popular UX concept (personas) to the Linux desktop. I’d love to see if there is interest in building up the base persona “General” as well as “Clinician”. I suppose clinician is the weakest of the offerings at this time - it’s just a medical image viewer, link to install OpenEMR Cloud, and some electron webviews around popular clinical resources such as Pubmed and an ICD10 lookup tool.

With the advent of Flatpak and snapd (as well as the continued awesomeness of apt), a full-blown distro may not be needed. Just a thought - open to any and all ideas here!


(Tyler Torvinen) #33

Hello Marcus Baw, my name is Tyler Torvinen. I’m wondering, will NHoS Linux make a return and how long until NHoS Linux is back? Do you have the final ISO of NHoS Linux for me to download and use on Oracle VM VirtualBox? Please reply whenever you can, please and thank you.

(roland king) #34

i’m wondering the exact same thing as Tyler, is there someone who can reply? i see this was written a month ago and still nothing. i also search for oral steroids for my health if someone is an expert here. but anyway if some can help that would be amazing. thanks

(Adrian Wilkins) #35

The project is closed, but the sources are still open, so, you may have some luck with this repository and it’s siblings.

Included is the NHSbuntu build helper build.sh , a wrapper for ubuntu-defaults-image. You can use this script to create the NHSbuntu ISOs for yourself. It is the same script used by Travis CI to automagically create the NHSbuntu ISOs.

(Rob Dyke) #36

Closed? We are taking a nap…