Open Source NEWS2 UI components from The Christie Hospital

(Marcus Baw) #1

@robdykedotcom I’d like to show you Rhidian Bramley’s Christie open source e-Obs UI, which he is keen to work into open-eObs



(ian) #2

@Marcus Baw - I’d love to sit this on openEHR -I’ll take a look at the code.


(Marcus Baw) #3

That would be awesome, great Ian

(Kev Mayfield) #4

It shouldn’t take that long to convert to use a FHIR backend, then you should be able to run that chart against any FHIR enabled server.

For example to get the blood pressures (SNOMED CT 75367002) for patient 1184, it’s this rest call.

(Marcus Baw) #5

That would also be awesome.

We need a library of these UI components, designed to plug into standard data layers such as FHIR and openEHR… How would we best build that? Hook into an existing framework like React/Angular?

(dunmail) #6

Re: Library

Patient banner for a FHIR Patient resource based on NHS CUI standard?

(Marcus Baw) #7

This is exactly what we need - yes

I’m writing a list of the ‘Missing NHS Stuff We Need’ here: awesome-missing-nhs-things/ at master · pacharanero/awesome-missing-nhs-things · GitHub and CUI components are on there

I reckon we’re going to need to get on and make this stuff because it ain’t gonna come out of anywhere else

(Kev Mayfield) #8

Re Data Layer

We have the backend layer working to do this

The documentation (a more straight forward HOWTO guide plus sample app) and the demo host application need some work.

(Rob Dyke) #9

Awesome. Have forked to openeobs/NEWS2

There is an openEHR thingummygig for NEWS2 - openEHR-EHR-OBSERVATION.news2_uk_rcp.v0

And inidus made an openEHR <> FHIR API too

It wouldn’t take too much effort to string all that together…

(Rob Dyke) #10

I find a PDF from 2015 via GP Connect search on Anything more recent?