Welcome to NHSbuntu!

(Adrian Fowle) #43

Just come across NHSBuntu following link in The Register today. I will try to give it a spin later. Great idea,

I’m a long term user of OpenSuse with KDE. Is there any reason that your modifications eg an NHS Email client, won’t work on other versions of linux and desktop? If not now, then in the future?

Also I cannot see that this type of question has been asked so far on the forum, but I am sure it will be - does it merit a thread of its own, or a description somewhere?


(Adrian Wilkins) #44

the correct shade of blue to use in order to maximally enrage the DoH
Brand Police

I may have the actual brand manuals somewhere, complete with Pantone™
colour charts…

(dunmail) #45

All you ever wanted to know (and more) about NHS branding:

Colours are here:

NHS Blue is: #005EB8

(Rob Dyke) #46

From 2012…